Our Rock and Redeemer July 29, 2019

This week was one of the coldest of my mission
I am getting better at futsal!
and we helped a family build their second story so im learning how to
do constuction here in Argentina haha

On tuesday I was on splits with Elder Benites and that man is a stud.
Hes just starting his mission but I learned so much from him.

On Sunday we had a ward confernece and I played piano for the Choir
which was crazy because I cant read music but it just so happend that
they were singing one of the two songs I know from memory! Church went
well and it was was sick because we had the confirmations for the 3
BAPTISMS that we had!!

We have been so blessed these past few weeks, and the people we are
teaching are so so cool.

Let me tell you about the Familia Angelo! I wasnt there when the
missionaries found them, but I know our Father in heaven was behind it
all. Elder Ruiz said that the day they knocked on their door that he
was tired of contacting because nobody wanted to listen. It had been a
long day already, and he didn…

Coming to know my Savior July 22nd, 2019

¿Como Estan!!?
This week was a great one with so many wonderful experiences. I love
my area (Palermo) and every day we are treated with amazing views of
the mountains and sunsets! Its honestly breathtaking, and sometimes we
teach people in this part where you can see all of Salta in the
distance so thats pretty cool.

Also everyday is leg day with all the hills we have in our area.
Luckily our bikes have gears because if not I would die.

We had a conference on Tuesday with half of the mission, and it was un
dia de mas animo! We learned about having the faith to go through our
trials and to trust in God that our trials are to help us grow. WE
also played a ton of soccer and volleyball, and other random games. It
was a ton of fun, and next week I should have pictures!

my dad told me to take advantage of this time to learn of Christ and
to follow him, because after my mission my life will be filled with
other things that will call my attention. I started focusing my
studies and everything I do with that …

The work of God July 15, 2019

This week was so great. Im more TIRED than ever, but things are
honestly going so well. I love my new area, its in Salta Capital, and
we are on a hill that overlooks the valley! If the TEMPLE were
finished, wed be able to see it from our area!

We are like 30 minutes from the mission offices so we see President
more often and Salta is such a cool place.
Being a Zone leader is such a great opportunity to serve other
missionaries (we have 21 missionaries in our Zone) but I feel like Im
in my training again haha with all the things Im learning. ELDER RUIZ
is so much fun and we are working well together! we had 10 people come
to church and they all have a desire to be baptized! He's also taught
me a lot about teaching the way the savior taught, and we've been
seeing so many blessings here in Palermo.

We've been playing a lot of soccer to find new people to teach and I
bought some sweeet new shoes ahaha but really, soccer is working well
to find people who are prepared for the Gospel!

We got t…

One year in the mission July 1st, 2019 and I'm leaving Familia! July 8th, 2019

This week was a pretty cold one, and im absolutely loving it here in
Famailla! We had a baptism and have seen the Lords hand in so many
ways. I interviewed the sweetest 86 year old man for his baptism, and
felt the love he had for his savior and the love Jesus Christ has for
him! it was a great experience.

It was also raining a ton one morning, and I said a half hearted
prayer that it would stop, not thinking much of it after that. I
looked out the window and IT HAD STOPPED! It hit me that God truly
does hear our prayers, no matter if its for something small. And just
imagine the power of prayer when we truly pray with faith, believing
that we will recieve, and how much our Father in Heaven really wants
to bless us!

ONE YEAR AGO I was feeling pretty nervous but also super excited, I
had left for the MTC in mexico, lost my flight, lost my bags, put my
faith in God and recieved a testimony through my trials, and ONE YEAR
LATER im still putting my faith in God and seeing his hand in my life.

We Contacted a Bus! June 24, 2019

On monday i got a package from my family, and I love my family so
flippin much! They sent me SPAM, and for those of you who dont know
what that is, its only the MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIANT in a SPAM MUSUBI.
They sent some seeweed too so you know were gonna be making some
musubis this week haha (pic below)

This week we also had to move apartments which was kinda fun, and now
we have a balcony overlooking our sweet town of Famailla!

This week I went to do a baptism interview for the Hermanas in
Monteros, and on the way back Elder Booze looked at me and said, "you
wanna contact this bus?" and I was like heck ya lets send it. Im not
gonna lie I was a little nervous but we just stood up in front of
everybody and introduced ourselves as Missionaries of the Church of
Jesus Christ and that we share a message of happiness and we handed
out pamphlets to almost everybody. It was a great oppurtunity to get
our message out there and let them know what were all about.

Lately I have learned SO MUCH a…

Nationwide Poweroutage June 17,2019

Happy Fathers Day!
My dad is the greatest, and he exemplifies the Savior in so many ways.
I have learned to love my redeemer by my Dads example and love for
him. "Noble Fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the Divine" - James E
Faust.  Here's a great video everyone should watch!

I also talked to my Grandpa for a few minutes yesterday, and I talked
with him in Spanish for the first time, which was one of the coolest
experiences I've had, and it sure made my day!

On Sunday there was a poweroutage in all of Argentina, and like 3
other countries in South America, and that was quite the experience.
Church was held in the dark which was a first for me, but the Spirit
was still felt, and we had some people come to Church for the first
time and that want to come back! (hopefully well have light this time

This week I went on Splits with Elder BOOZE, and that man is a beast!
he rides his bike so dang fast I was barely keeping up! I learned a
lot fr…

Pure Love of Christ June 10,2019

This week was a little nuts with all the propaganda for the city
elections, and everybody was involved. That made it a little hard to
talk to people or get them to church but elections were this Sunday so
we good! Everyone should have more time to talk now.

Johana, the girl we were teaching back in embarcacion got baptized! i
attached a pic below!

We had never tried contacting in the park, but wanted to try it, so we
went and starting to talk to everyone we could see. We saw this lady
sitting on a bench and she looked pretty sad so we decided to go and
talk to her. It turned out she was just really tired, but she had
talked to missionaries before and we ended up having a great talk with

my shoes have a huge hole in them! (pic below)

My favorite thing is riding our bikes at night through Argentina's
countryside. The moon lights the way and you can see so many stars and
I just take it in! I have so much love for our God and for what he has
made for us, and I'm striving to have a LOVE for p…