Joy Everyday of Your Life! Feb 4, 2019

hi guys! This week was awesome and I hope all is well with everyone. We had a baptism, and we are preparing people for the weeks to come, and I am loving the work here in Embarcacion! There is still a ton of heat and rain but what else is new? and our apartment is undergoing construction so that kinda sucks but once its ready its gonna be great. 

We are teaching a family that's going to get baptized soon, and in one of the lessons there was a girl that showed up and stood behind a chair. Afterwords we asked her if shed like to come to an activity in the church and she said yes but that we had to ask her mom. we went and ended up teaching their whole family! we are now teaching all of them and preparing them for baptism! 
This week I also ate two of the best mangoes I've ever had
in one of our lessons two guys ran a motorcycle into a fence and it looked like they had stolen it. but then a group of guys with machetes and sling shots appeared and they almost started to fight in t…

I Need to Learn a New Language! Jan 28, 2019

Hey guys! This week was so great! it was the first week in my new area with my new comp. Elder Espinola is from Buenos Aires and hes super great! Weve had a lot of fun. Also I love Embarcacion! Its small and the church is a branch so theres only like 15 people each week and our area is kinda in the middle of nowhere. Parts we have to teach kinda in the jungle and almost all the roads are dirt. The people are amazing and there are soccer fields and mango trees literally EVERYWHERE!

In one house I ate 8 mangoes and they were so freaking good! And as we were leaving we passed a soccer field and they kicked the ball to me and told me to start juggling. That was fun and we told them wed come play with them later. 
This week my comp asked me if I spoke Spanish before the mission, so that made my day! Before I left I barely knew anything haha, but I'm grateful for the companions I have had that have helped me progress with the language.
BEES! We had an activity for the kids Wednesday and…

Chau Villa Alem! New area in Embarcacion! Jan 21, 2019

Hola my friends! 

Today I rode a bus for 9 hours to get to my new area, but I love it! its in Salta and its pretty small and is right next to a big river. My new companion is Elder Espinola from Buenos Aires and I'm excited for this transfer! 
It was tough saying bye to Villa Alem and the people there, and my comp Elder Rios, but I was there for 6 months and its time haha. Elder Rios taught me a lot and is one of my best friends here in the mission. Gonna miss him
Elder Rios and I did a lot of service this week  and I fell off a ladder and afterwords the families gave us mangos! i thought I knew how to eat mangos growing up in Hawaii but Rios showed me a new way and my life has forever been changed. 
This week the Elders in Independencia moved in to our pension while they are fixing up their pension and that was interesting because our pension isn't that big, especially for 4 people. But its been fun living with them

THE MOST ARGENTINE THING happened when we were teaching a fa…

Prison Prayer Y BAUTISMO -Jan 14 2019

As i write this my clothes are soaked because we played soccer all morning in the rain, and that was a lot of fun! Things are really good in our area and we are seeing lots of small miracles and finding people that are prepared to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! Each day I love the culture here more and more, and I'm so grateful for this time I have in Argentina.

One lesson we had this week the mom was telling us about some problems she has been having recently and her kids were talking SO loud the whole time! but the spirit was so strong and despite her loud kids there was a peace that was felt, with the hope of the message we were sharing.
BLESSING- This week we went to a members house whose kid was sick and she asked me to give the blessing. I was a little worried and not feeling confident in my ability to give a blessing in Castellano, but the mom looked at me and said simply to follow the spirit. I had been thinking too much in MY abilities and not in the blessing from our f…


Whats up guys just thought id let you all know that its HOT here. 

I left a bag of dried apples open for 5 min and then they were mushy. And just walking from one room of the pension to the other you sweat a ton! But I am loving the work here in Tucuman, and sometimes were blessed with a thunder storm to cool us off!
Mon- For new years there were more fireworks than on Christmas! We had a dinner with some other missionaries and then I set some goals for my new year in Argentina!
Tues- The heat was unbearable and we were wet for 24 hours just from sweat. Also while studying we felt the whole pension shake and we thought it was from a bus that passed, but we learned later that there was an earthquake! it wasn't a big one but it makes a lot more sense than a bus passing by the pension.
wed- Maria called us with a ton of questions, and when she has questions they are questions I've never even thought about. But we were able to answer each one and helped her feel more ready for her…

Families can be Together Forever -Dec 31st

Happy New Year!
This week was crazy hot with some crazy rain storms too! One minute its super muggy and hot and the other we are soaked and walking through the streets as if they were rivers. We also had two baptisms this week and it was so great! 
Christmas eve we sang some carols in centro and that was a lot of fun! Christmas day we had some lessons in the morning and then a Christmas lunch with a family in the ward that is so awesome! We also got to call our families with video chat! I hit 6 months in the mission this week but it feels like I left yesterday! I love my family so much and it was so great to talk to them!
This week we worked with Marcos and Romina to prepare them for their baptism!  and I loved, especially this week, seeing the hope that the gospel brings the people we teach, and the desires they have to change their lives. 
Marcos- has had some pretty hard times in his life, and felt a lot of guilt for things he had done. He has two kids but doesn't live with th…