Tender Mercies May 13,2019

i just love my momma so much and i hope she knows that I love her!

She has taught me so many things, from learning to love Change,
teaching me how to live a happy life, and giving me so many
oppurtunities to see the World.
But more than anything she has taught me how to love the God, seek his
will and turn to Christ in everything. In alma its says

Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did
think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their
lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did
not doubt, God would deliver them.

 And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do
not doubt our mothers knew it.

This week I finished the SAINTS book, which is basically the history
of the Church of Jesus Christ in these Latter days! Everyone should
read it. Our God is perfect but his children are not and it has always
been that way. But as we apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our lives
we become more like…

I know in whom I have trusted-May 6, 2019

First off, let me tell ya that playing soccer for the first time after
3 months takes it toll. I was so sore this week, but we made it
alright and it was a good week! Also today was awesome and we had so
many opportunities to SHARE THE GOSPEL. This morning we were buying
some food and the guy kept looking at us weird at the counter. He
finally asked us why we were both named ELDER and it gave us an
opportunity to explain how we were missionaries and that Elder was a
title and so on... we ended up setting up another appointment to
talk to him!

And after we went to this park to play soccer and we saw 4 guys
kicking a ball around. We asked if they wanted to play us 4 on 4, and
they ended up beating us so bad haha. They play for a local club so we
split the teams so there was 2 of them and 2 missionaries on each team
and that made it a little more fair haha. Afterwords we had a good
chat in the middle of the field about our beliefs and the message we
share as missionaries. IT was awesome.

This week Jose …

I Lost My Voice- April 29, 2019

Today was  good day! we got together as a zone and played soccer so
that was awesome! its been awhile haha. this week was pretty good, and
we saw a lot of small miracles the Lord placed in our lives.

Monday I got to talk to my momma for her birthday and that was wonderful
I've realized how blessed I have been to have been raised in a Gospel
centered Home.

Tuesday i lost my voice. That was not so great. We also did splits
with the Zone Leaders so Elder Burningham basically had to teach
everything to the people in my area haha, but hes a stud and always
has the spirit with him.

In one of our lessons when we got there they were building a WALL AND
A DOOR because someone had BROKEN in. We dropped our things and
offered to help! I've never built a door before, but the little
projects around the house with my dad came in handy that day! and we
literally started to build with just a hammer and nail! pretty cool
experience and opportunity to serve the people we are teaching!

Thursday was Zone Confere…

Jesucristo Basta- April 22, 2019

This week was amazing. We are working pretty hard in an area that's
pretty hard, but in my 3 months here I've seen a change and I know the
Lord has big plans for his children here in Embarcacion.
Some Experiences from this week.

As we were walking in the street we heard a huge rumbling in the
distance, and we couldn't figure out what it was. It sounded like a
crowd cheering or something like that.  After a little bit we realized
that it was RAIN! And it was coming FAST. The streets turned to mud in
seconds and we began running from literal wall of rain. WE got soaked
but ran to a nearby house of someone we are teaching!

Another day we were walking and a little girl in front of us was with
her family. She turned around and asked us about the people that hurt
Jesus. We had never talked to them before, but she seemed to recognize
us as servants of the Lord, and we began talking to her and her family
about Christ, and our message, and we set up another appointment to
talk to their whole fami…

Humility & Blessings Feb 18, 2019

Hola a Todos!
This week we had a TON of rain so that was awesome, but the streets were also pretty muddy and basically rivers all week. We are working hard with La familia Romero, who live next door to the three kids who got baptized last week. And this week we baptized their daughter dalma and are planning to have the rest in the weeks to come!
Finally finished the apartment, and its starting to feel more like we live there (it was a mess before!) 
While walking to an appointment we walked in the middle of a turf war with slingshots and stuff, and had to chill at the end of a road till it passed by. That part of town is nuts, but thats also where half the people we are teaching live! ALso we were teaching the kids that just got baptized and Silvio pulled two dead birds out of his pockets, and said that he had killed them that morning. 
We had interviews with President and hes so awesome! he makes such an effort to know each missionary and help them with their needs. MUY CAPO
Not much…

Fireflies and Truth from Heaven April 15, 2019

We were in Salta basically this whole week, so we couldn't work much in
our area, but it was a lot of fun! We went to do my companions visa
paperwork, and while he was doing that I was with the Elders in Salta
helping them in their area. It was great to spend time with them and I
learned a lot of good things.
     We were also there for a 6 WEEK meeting for all the new
missionaries to see how they are adjusting to missionary life and what
they are looking forward to in the next 6 weeks. It was a lot of fun,
and we saw a lot of old friends. Presidents son is a stud and knows a
ton of English and we just kinda chilled in Salta till Friday.

Once back in our area, we worked hard the few days we were there! One
night we PLAYED SOCCER with some kids we found in the street and it
was hard to see anything, but we definitely won haha. Afterwords one of
the kids asked us to TEACH HIS FAMILY, so we went with him to his
house and taught his family about the restoration.

Another night as we were teaching the…

Work Brings Blessings-April 8, 2019

What a week! I got bit by a dog, but only because I had stepped on his
foot on accident haha. Were all good and still friends. We also made
pancakes but then we realized we didn't have flour so that was a
bummer. Also one of the people we are teaching asked me to write a
love letter in English for his girlfriend so it was a pretty normal

In his email a few weeks ago Elder Astle (my good buddy in Fiji) said
something that I took to heart. He talked about how our success isn't
based on our baptisms, but on our work. "Baptisms are the Lords
success and his doing. Hes the one converting the hearts of the people
through the holy ghost. Working hard is our success as missionaries. I
loved that and as I applied it this week gained a testimony of its

We saw how east it really is to share the gospel by being friendly and
open with everyone! We talked about Christ and his teachings in
situations we hadn't thought possible and found a lot of great people
to teach.

Wednesday a…