Miracle Baptism and a Change of Heart

This week was great and its crazy its already P-day again! I love being here in Argentina

Elder Garcia and I didn't find that many new people to teach, but we had a miracle this week and are continuing to work hard! It rained a ton this week and when it rains, it pours (see pics below).  I got a little sick after the rain but feel a lot better now. This week we met with a family in the ward and the dad was the zone leader of David Archuleta in his mission in Chile, so that was cool to talk to him about that.
This week we were working a ton with Maria to get her ready for her baptism. She loves the scriptures and we met with her everyday this week, but Friday she told us that she likes the discussions but feels content with her baptism when she was a baby, and we were pretty bummed because we were so excited for her and felt like she was progressing. 
But then that same day we were having a lesson with Roque, and were talking about the 10 commandments. Roque is awesome but had an a…

veintiuno nuevos!!

Hi guys!

Things are great here in Villa Alem, and each day I love this work more and more. We've been showering with a bucket the past two weeks so that's been great,  but I've never been more grateful. Its so hot here but we've been getting some crazy lighting storms so that's been nice.
Elder Garcia- This week was so packed and we found and talked to so many new people! Elder Garcia has already taught me a lot about teaching people and not lessons, which was something I thought I understood, but there's always something more to learn. Our purpose is not to check off the teaching record, but to apply the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the needs of the people we meet.  Its been great because we only speak Spanish with each other so my Spanish has improved a ton, but he knows a little English so its funny when he says random phrases in English.
One guy we talked to at first didn't want much to do with God. He believed that he existed but didn…

Words of Life

Hola everybody
Last week idk what happened or why it was in Spanish but hope y'all had fun translating. 
This week I hit the 4 month mark and it blows my mind I've been on my mission for that long! Time is kinda non existent here and I'm just enjoying sharing the gospel with others. 
Also I'm all done with training which is crazy, and my new comp is Elder Garcia! he just got done training Elder Perkins, who was my comp in the CCM! Hes from Guatemala and were gonna have a great transfer. Its his last transfer of the mission but I hope he doesn't think things are gonna slow down cause were gonna get to work haha
This week was good and we had a lot of success with finding new people to teach. It has been so evident to me lately that people are prepared to hear the gospel and we just need to find them!
We taught Gabriela Vargas again and set a baptism date! It was so amazing and felt like a manifestation of DyC 84,85. ¨Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall s…

Plain & Simple Eternal Truths

*This email was entirely in Spanish so the translation might be funky*

Hi all

Elder Baum and I have a week together, and can not believe we've almost finished training.
This week started very hot, but now it is raining a ton again and the streets are flooded at times, so that's amazing.This week was good, with many members who taught me a thing or two about football.On Sunday was Mother's Day and Program of Primary, so it was amazing and great for people we've taught to see!
One morning he poured all day and we contacted all morning, and soaked up, but I loved it .
This week, during our lessons, it was so clear to me how Jesus Christ is literally the life, light and hope of the world. We teach people to persevere until the end with a perfect brightness of hope, and every time I strengthen my own testimony.There are so many things that people fight and struggle, and sometimes the world seems quite unforgiving;but Jesus Christ has overcome the world.We can have faith in him t…

We Got Robbed and I Got Punched

Let me just start off by saying this was one of my favorite weeks in the mission field so far. Its been pretty chilly and rainy which has reminded me of Oregon

So what happened was we were walking in the street Sunday morning, on our way to church, and we saw these three guys smoking and talking. We said hi and they asked us what time it was. This happens a lot, and normally we just tell them and then keep walking but for some reason we stopped and they started saying stuff like ¨hey that's a nice watch, I wonder how much I could sell that for¨ and then they started unclipping and opening Elder Baum's bag.
 I realized what was happening and started to step in a bit, and then the guy motioned as if he had a gun and said he had a gun and a knife and other stuff. He didn't have anything, so then he punched me in the face. Afterwords, Idk where this guy went, but one of the others was pulling on one of the straps of Elder Baum's bags and they pulled at it for a bit. Finall…

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet

This week was so uplifting and it was a huge spiritual reset for me
Argentina is as hot as ever, but then we get these cold fronts and have to wear coats so Im a bit confused but Im loving it. I feel so blessed to be serving in this amazing country, especially because everyone loves soccer. There's a big rivalry between two local clubs Boca and River, and depending on who your team is determines your friends haha. Dogs chase us for no reason but its alright because I don't run in the mornings. Also everyone takes a nap between 2ish pm to 5ish, Literally everyone, so the streets seem like a ghost town during those times.
Mon-  After pday we had a lesson with Gabriela and she is seriously so amazing. She has 6 kids and three little girls who are so dope, and she lives alone and works so much. She said she didn't have a lot of time so we just read a scripture. The spirit was so strong and she opened up and how hard it was to work so much and some other things shes struggled …

Soccer Competitions for Lessons

Hola Everyone,
Hope all is well! This week was so fast as usual, but we fit in so much!
We were walking down the street and saw some guys who we have tried talking to in the past who they said they weren't interested, and they were juggling a soccer ball. We walked up to them and I said that if I could juggle more than him then we get to share our message with them. They agreed, and I won! They didn't have much time but we ended up sharing a scripture and it was such a cool experience!
oh and elder Baum got bit by a dog, but it was super soft so hes all good.
Ruben had his baby and her name is Naiomi Valentina and shes so awesome! They have a date to get married next week and then a baptism date for the Saturday after conference! We read Alma 5 with him and he opened up about how he felt like he has felt a similar change in his heart and the spirit was so strong and we got to share our testimonies of the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. 
We were also sharing a scripture…